I am happy to announce my official acceptance to Enhance Product Development! I will be braving the cold, cold snow this winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota (but it will totally be worth it).

Before my departure, I will be completing a personal project with my friend Scott Valledares. The idea grew from my ever-increasing interest to expand my skillset. In this case, I will be exploring my role as Creative Director. I am incredibly excited about it, and the big debut is on November 1st.

Unfortunately, because of my move to Minneapolis, I will not be able to do the short film for the Red Bull Soapbox race. The cool thing is that I will have an additional videographer role at Enhance, so don’t fret; more videos are sure to come.

Till then, I will have my hands full till the end of the year: move to Minneapolis, Redbull Soapbox Race, personal project debut, and the many projects at Enhance. If you’re ever up in the Minnesota, be sure to say “hi”!