Well, the simple answer is because it’s fun as hell. I thoroughly enjoy working on everything related to design. The greatest decision I ever made was changing my major to Industrial Design. This opened up a door I didn’t know existed, let alone thrive in.

Whether or not I am the best (or even half decent) at design is irrelevant. I do this because I enjoy it. There’s a beautiful harmony between artistic careers and one of practicality almost to the point of engineering. We make beautiful things, but we make beautiful things that work.

I am lucky to be mentored by Chris Hardy, see more of his work here, for my senior thesis. I am focusing on the understanding and analysis of trends and the ability to predict future trends. From this, I will interpret these predictions into products. I am deriving a methodology from Buckminster Fuller and his futurist ideologies. Needless to say, I am ridiculously excited.

Above, you can see how I will graphically represent my methodology using the history of cigarette smoking as my case study. I am still refining it and may be difficult to understand, but it’ll all make sense soon enough. Just know that I only had to take two classes this semester, but I am so enthusiastic for design I decided to tackle this along with two personal projects.

Damn, I love design.