If someone isn’t good at art, society quickly passes it off saying things like, “Art just isn’t their thing.” But, if that same person isn’t good at Science or Math, they are perceived as dumb. They must persevere and continue working on Science or Math until they are good at it. Why don’t we hold art to the same standards? Everyone would be capable of creating good art if we practiced it as much as we do Science and Math.

I think it’s funny how quickly one is able to give up on their passions if they’re not immediately good at it. If everyone was naturally talented, nobody would be impressed. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be great.

I was amazed by great sketches. I remember going to my first IDSA Regional Conference in Raleigh, NC my sophomore year, and Luke Mastrangelo showed me how to sketch shoes. Spencer Nugent visited Georgia Tech the year after, and I geeked out even more. I realized that I have hands and a brain so, with practice, I could get there too.

My last studio project involved capturing wind energy to power a bicycle headlight. I never thought I was good at rapid model making, but I didn’t let that stop my drive for making this idea into a reality. Try hard, fail, and then try harder.

 I’m still polishing it up, but check out what I’ve done so far here.