The word and everything it implies is negative. But, there are places that people enjoy working at.

Thanks to the exhibition and the thought behind the pieces, I was given the opportunity to work for a nonprofit SparkCorps. This has given me the privilege of working on projects for the CDC and Marta with others soon to come. But, the best part is that I don’t just sit in a cubicle cranking out SolidWorks models all day. If anything, Orange Sparkle Ball (the studio in which SparkCorps is based) is a hub of great thinking.

Meaghan Kennedy (the founder of both OSB & Spark Corps) is big on nurturing young talent to great potential. She is behind the scenes to make sure you make it to the spotlight. It’s quite modest in many ways.

Last week, OSB debuted their new studio location (which is now in Old 4th Ward [which is a really rad place right on the beltline across from Krog Street Market]). We socialized, ate, made stamps, and even binded our own sketch books (by binded, I mean stapled).

We definitely produce great work, but I enjoy it so much I feel bad calling it “work”.  There’s a strange sensation of being in a foreign place but feeling like it’s home.

All in all, good vibes.