Why does the world need design? Many still aren’t so sure we’re needed, but here’s my argument:

First, designers understand the hierarchy of what is important. We start and end with the user because (in most cases) they are the primary stakeholders. Designers understand the relationship between the user and the product, and that’s no accident. We observe, study, and become the users. We are the bridge between people and objects.

If somebody approached the product without being told how to use it, would they know how to? That brings us to intuitive use… designers make that happen (that’s really all I got for this one).

My favorite is that designers create culture. We understand history and revive it. However, we use the good features and abandon the unnecessary ones. There are too many products in the world that we don’t need or don’t use because frankly, they were not designed well.

The value of design is derived by the value people place in products. People make design not only important but a necessity.