I tend to spread myself too thin. It’s a good problem to have because it means I’m enthusiastic about a lot of things (either that or it means I’m crazy, another strong possibility). Unfortunately, I did this the first semester I was taught by Chris Hardy, a remarkable furniture designer with incredible talent in detail and storytelling. Well, I wasn’t able to complete this project to the quality that I wanted. It had such a great story developed from my time spent in Sweden, but my physical model failed to accomplish that story. However, I did spend many all-nighters (because of my time constraint) to arrive at the conclusion of the story. All that’s left is the execution.

Regardless, I have decided that I will accomplish that execution by the end of the year. But before I can commit myself to finishing this (awesome) rocking kid’s bench, I have a few things I must do first: Create the Gusteau Salt & Pepper set out of 3D printed metal to be sold, create a video for L.E.M. (possibilities of it being sold online as well), and lastly, my latest personal project (shhh! it’s a secret).

As designers, it’s important to keep in mind that no project is ever truly complete. If we stay idle, we will lose touch with the up-and-coming innovations in the design field, and (more importantly) we will lose touch with our talent and passion that got us into this field in the first place.

Omar’s design tip: Keep on that grind. You will recognize and appreciate your sacrifice staying up those extra hours when you look back, and it will be evident in your products.

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