I have suffered, and I have triumphed. The conclusion of an 18-year venture is coming to a close. How am I supposed to feel? Am I suppose to have all of my shit together?

One thing I do know is that I have learned a lot. Georgia Tech has unhinged a curiousity in me that will continue to fuel my design career. As evidenced by countless all-nighters, I have gained a work ethic I didn’t know I had. For once in my life, I was challenged. People doubted that I could make a functional orbital wheel, but I did it. People doubted that I could make a metal forge, but I did it. People doubted that I could create 20 handcrafted salt and pepper shakers, but I did it. But most of all, I doubted that I could become a designer.

My goal with my design career is to inspire others. I want to achieve more than something as arbitrary as financial success. I want to create innovative products that can benefit society. This is why I dare to challenge doubt. The end of one journey means a fresh start of a new one.

Take a peek at my design process in my final project of my college career above. See more here.