During an interview, the question always arises: What is your weakness? Although I am fearful of spiders and heights, cannot stand to witness blood, and have a love/hate relationship with heights, I doubt this is what they’re looking for.

So what do I tell employers? I’m stubborn.

I fight for the good ideas no matter how difficult they are to execute. The facts are that we have deadlines and budgets, but I still have to hold my position on pursuing the ideas that have more value in the sense of design, story, and sustainability.

Along the strain of being stubborn, I work until I get it right. One time, I actually stayed awake for 60 hours straight because my design continued failing, and I refused to leave the studio until I had what I wanted.

Can you blame me? In college, we are taught design morality and adopt environmentally friendly approaches. Sure there were deadlines but not any hard deadlines that would affect the production of tens of thousands of products. 

Do I uphold every sustainable principle there is? Definitely not. Is this a rigged answer to the question? Perhaps in some sense. But, I think there is a sense of strength behind every weakness. Honesty can be a weakness in some cases while having the ability to lie can be a strength.

But, I stand behind this… probably because I’m stubborn.