During a recent interview, I was asked, “What is your end goal? What do you want to do in design?” It’s a brilliant question despite the frankness, and I’m not sure if I have an equally frank answer.

I still have many ideas for personal projects that I intend to bring to fruition as well as perhaps a kickstarter campaign (more updates coming in June). But, I don’t think I should worry about an end goal now. I want to see where my career leads me. Do I want to do traditional product design? Sure, but then again, I haven’t done much of anything else. Maybe I am a sickass UX designer in the making. Maybe I am more of a custom fab furniture sorta guy.

But, here I stand at the starting line of my career. I am still preparing for the Modern Atlanta exhibition and then I will focus on (frantically) putting my portfolio together. I am also going to be dabbling more with graphic design so perhaps you’ll see a bit more of that in the future. I am excited to see what I am capable of, and I think that’s the best kind of excitement.

Also, my mentor Chris Hardy just debuted his collaboration piece with Jens Risom! It’s a gorgeous modular cabinet system. See the beaut here.