In 4 months, I will be part of the “real world” and I am not referring to an MTV show. I will be a functioning member of society and another cog in the great machinery that comprises the work force. But, before arriving there, I must get a job. In order to get a job, I must have a portfolio… a real kickass portfolio.

Since sophomore year, I have approached several professionals at every IDSA event and have asked them, “What is the most important skill for a designer to have?” As if they all collaborated to answer such a question, a unanimous, “Sketching,” took the prize.

It’s certainly not easy, but why is it so valuable?

As designers, we solve problems. The way we solve those problems is by thinking visually. By sketching, we can understand and interpret questions in ways others cannot. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the business world. Imagine the power of being able to put your ideas on paper with just a few pen strokes. It’s not a skill possessed by many, especially outside of the design profession. It sets us apart, and if you really develop the skill, it can set your portfolio apart too.

Check out this Gizmodo article on the subject: