There are two types of people in this world: those who procrastinate and liars. We all do it. My question to you then is, “What do you do when you procrastinate?”

We live on this small blue marble floating in the nothingness of space, and we can’t even explore that marble in its entirety. We are engulfed by nothingness, by lack of meaning. We are afraid to linger. We must continue moving, occupying, breathing. We are afraid to be alone. Why? Because we don’t know what to say to ourselves anymore (and I mean, you talking to yourself, me talking to myself with nobody else around). This new generation of Millennials and Techies has welcomed technology with open arms but have shut out the world around us. We can’t be bored because we’ve never had a reason to be.

Walk around without headphones, without touching your phone, without thinking about that email you have to send. Stop worrying, stop working, stop designing. Take a day to just live.

I am a tenacious designer. I always eager to improve and to get better, but sometimes it’s good to procrastinate. I’ve mentioned cooking quite a bit so here I am whipping up some mac & cheese because a personal design blog does need that “personal” side.

I promise I’ll focus more on general design next week including the most visually stunning iPhone game I’ve ever played. But, I’ll deal with that later.

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