Everything is going digital these days. There’s an app for just about everything. But, there’s also a downside to this digital age: a lack of intimacy.

As a designer, standing out from the crowd is essential for recognition. If everyone is designing watches, it’s going to be really tough to stand out unless you design something different (or completely reinvent the watch).

Now that I am on the job hunt, how do I stand out?

Well, everyone seems to focus a lot on their website, but I will dedicate more of my time and energy into my print portfolio. There’s a sense of intimacy gained by putting a book in someone’s hand that you don’t get by giving someone a web address. It seems that as we grow more and more advanced as a society, there is also an ever-growing longing for artifacts from the past. By mailing out a print portfolio to desired jobs, I intend on taking advantage of that paradox.

Naturally, my work still needs to be like design porn.