I’ll be honest: I am a huge dork for video games. Ever since I was a kid, I remember cranking out whatever homework I had for school just for the reward of playing on the computer. My whole world shifted when I got a Super Nintendo (which I still own ((which I still play))). It’s pretty kickass.

But, I loved video games because they allowed me to dive into a whole new world (this is also the timed I was going crazy over Disney movies). It wasn’t the final boss battle that mattered; it was the journey getting there.

I’ve always followed my brother’s footsteps. Hell, we were born the same day except 2 years apart. It would’ve been blasphemous for me not to play that up a bit: a shadow with a two-year delay. I only applied to Georgia Tech because my brother was currently attending. After I got deferred, I rolled the dice and applied to Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech alone. I pursued Architecture until I watched Objectified, and it blew my mind.

I am always very passionate about my current interests. In high school, I joined Cross Country on a whim along with Theatre and Soccer (y'know, cause my brother did soccer too). So when I jumped into design, I went crazy over it. Why did I build an orbital wheel? Why did I construct a metal forge? Why am I making a wind-powered bicycle headlight? Also, why do I sketch so damn much?

It’s because I get drawn into the journey. The journey of becoming a designer.