What are you good at?

This question haunts me daily. In a world filled with people who have redefined entire fields of study, who am I to find a place? How am I to make myself known?

I am a product designer. Even more than that, I am human. I am imperfect and flawed. But, the beauty of being human is that we have a drive. We have a drive to create, to invent… to become.

I wanted to become an architect: a methodical, defined practice that would keep me to straight lines and computer screens. But, I envied designers who could masterfully create with only pen and paper. I stood on the sidelines as these walking vessels of creativity defined their own world.

I immediately regretted my decision to become a designer. My sketches were laughable compared to the quality of my classmates. I isolated myself so that I can sketch. For hours, for days, for weeks, I simply sketched. Two years later, I am proud of my ability to sketch objects that do not yet exist.

I still have a long way to go. There are many more essential skills to master (prototyping, 3D modeling, etc.). The beauty of design is that the drive never ends: the drive to create products, to invent products, to become a designer. And so I ask myself daily:

What are you not good at?