Design isn’t like other fields of study. It’s all inclusive. We are the Swiss Army Knives of the world. In that sense of broadness, each designer is unique. We all have different interests and passions, and I’m not talking about interests in design. We lives outside of design. In the same strain as my last post, we are people too. 

Recently, I tried to capture the ever-growing separation between the rapidly expanding 3D printing market and handcrafted wood furniture. The design of the side table might have aesthetics similar to others, but it’s the story that makes it different from them. Similarly, it’s our interests that make us stand out.

I like to play video games; I like to cook; I like to play ukulele. How can these interests influence my design? Or rather, how DO these interests influence my design?

I am not sure if I fully understand the answer to that question just yet. The good news is that I understand that I am influenced by my interests outside of studio. Being a hard and diligent worker is a good thing, but taking time outside of design for other things is equally important.

Check out my side table project: L.E.M.