My exhibition at Modern Atlanta’s International Design Expo has concluded. It was an exciting and thrilling experience. I even had to pull a few all-nighters after having graduated college (I hear they never end). I am quite thrilled with how the project turned out, primarily because I have never done social commentary before.

It was interesting to sacrifice function for purpose, to design for social good, and to create awareness (something intangible) rather than a product (something tangible). But, why would someone with interest in furniture and products not build a portfolio that demonstrates that particular expertise and abilities?

Well, I’m still dabbling remember? I am exploring many things and trying to see where I fit in this giant world of contracts and jobs. The greatest part of the exhibition was not having my work displayed (even though that was pretty damn cool) but rather the conversations I had with others. This exhibition, for me, is more of a catalyst than anything else: a catalyst that will propel me into my career with an expanded skillset.

None of this was possible without the mentorship of Chris Hardy. He helped me realize my greatest skill is storytelling. In terms of detail and curation, I learned the most from him. I remember having to go through 100′s of sketches before reaching a concept worthy of latching on to. It was certainly a privilege to learn from someone who has gone so far so early in his career.

See the project here: