I have been living in Minneapolis for two months now, and it is AWESOME! I am fortunate to have great coworkers and a nice job after only recently graduating. Another interesting thing to note is that I am the youngest person on the team. This puts a lot of pressure on me because I feel like I have to prove myself as useful as the rest. Luckily, the professors at Georgia Tech have truly taught me well. All of the failures I experienced within the design process are now easy avoidances. I am thrilled to see the progress I make at Enhance, and the new capabilities Enhance will offer in the future (we’re getting a new 3D printer)!

Remember when I mentioned a personal project (in collaboration with Photographer and Editor and friend, Scott Valledares) that will be debuting in November (see last post)? Well, now that November is over, it is fully live! If you would like to see the project, you can click here to see the project via the computer. If not, follow @colormeblack on Instagram to see the full collection. Here’s a brief synopsis about the project.

Color Me Black: We often interact with the same foods during our day-to-day activity but never truly appreciate the subtle juxtapositions of their shapes, luster, textures, stiffness, and more. In order to train this perspective, we spray painted every day foods completely black. The removal of color allows for better understanding of their subtleties and becomes an articstic interpretation in itself.

The palette now becomes the canvas.

As an expansion of my skillset, I must have measures of success to determine if I have properly accomplished the role of Creative Director. I will determine this based on three factors: views, public reception, and sales.

Views: How many people follow the Instagram account, how many blogs post about the project (does this one count?), how many people view my portfolio page on the project (which will be up once sales are put in place).

Public Reception: What are people saying about the project, are people “liking” the photos, are people begging for more?

Sales: How many prints do we sell?

Currently, Scott and I are setting up a shop to sell canvas prints in various sizes of each photo. Stay tuned for that! Till then, enjoy the photos. And, look out for next expansion of my skillset: Animation.