“Employers don’t hire portfolios, they hire people.” Seth Johnson, a designer at IBM (an “IBMer” as he calls it), said this during his presentation at a Portfolio critique. This hit home for me… hard.

I push myself every day. I am essentially the mascot of my studio because I can always be seen there at all times of the day and night. My past projects need refinement; my current projects need to be amazing, and my future projects need to be even better than the ones that preceded them. One time I spent a whole 60-hour stretch working on a project without sleeping! As you can see, I have been very work-oriented.

But, I am not an automaton. I don’t just sit and crank out work. I have interests and hobbies and friends (we’re all still surprised). I cook like I’m on Chopped, I play ukulele as if I was Hawaiian, and I am a sucker for a good musical. I also do stand-up comedy every now and then.

I would love to work at a prestigious studio that produces the sexiest products ever made. But, even more than that, I would love to work at a studio that has a nice group of people. People… that’s something I can invest my future in.

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