Life is just a series of ladders.

Rung after rung you climb your way up one ladder just to make your way to the next. The education ladder, the higher education ladder (actually different from the prior), the internship ladder, and finally the career ladder. Our minds are embedded with this idea that everything in life builds upon the next; there is a sense of chronology without shortcuts.

This… this is bullshit.

Thanks to the internet (I was tempted to say “because the internet” here), we now have the ability to do just about anything. The vertical ladder has turned sideways. We can now sample completely different fields with just the click of a button (literally). Thomas Friedman called this globalization in his book The World is Flat (not directly but rather a contributing factor).

Here is a video promoting Orbit, a wind powered bicycle headlight. I intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign late this year (although now that I think about it, I might push it till Spring considering the increase in bicycle usage during that time of year). Not only that, but the L.E.M.  side table will soon be up on Etsy.

There’s a lot we can do nowadays, and I intend to take advantage of some of it.

I will not climb anymore ladders. I will design my own.