During my weekly meeting with Chris Hardy, he asked me, “How was your Spring Break?” My immediate response was laughter.

When I was a freshman, I drove down to Fort Lauderdale with a few friends. It was a great time. Afterwards, I had this delusion of grandeur that my senior year spring break would be this epic Cross Country road trip that would hit every major must-see in the continental US. Reality soon settled in. I am a student, and although that shouldn’t stop anybody from pursuing their dreams of world domination, one should understand the luxuries of student life.

I am going to miss this place, all-nighters included. Despite the fact that you’re broke every waking moment, there are free Adobe CC licenses, free Solidworks, free Keyshot. There’s even free access to Makerbots and CNC machines and the entire design shop for that matter. And my favorite, I have free use of a 22″ Wacom tablet (*insert heart eyes here*)

How was my spring break? Well, I didn’t go on that amazing road trip (although I’m still holding on to that dream). What I did do was hone my skills. I watched a shit ton of YouTube videos (some may or may not have involved cats playing keyboard) on sketching. I geeked out at Behance projects and did my best to understand realistic sketch renderings. My sketching style can be viewed as a bit cartoony because I am not worried about making sure one corner line hits the other edge line perfectly; I like to let my ideas flow freely. But, there is a benefit in realistic renderings, and as one who is always looking for a sketching challenge, I think I found one. SPRING BREAK 2015!!!

If you’d like to check out the project this sketch is for, see it here.