I had a very distinct idea of what a designer is, how they dressed, and what they were like. I am a huge Mad Men fan so essentially I just wanted to be Don Draper. But, in actuality, we’re not going to work in three-piece suits (more of a Roger Sterling scenario) or donning (get it?) Panama hats. We’re are the most real people out there. We wear jeans to work; we wear t-shirts to work; we are comfortable at work. As designers, we’re not trying to sugarcoat anything or seem superficial.

The most important thing that has stood out is that we are curators. We curate the world around us including what we like, what we wear, and what we are (we choose to be designers after all). In that sense, everyone is a designer. They choose what car they will purchase and what furniture to have in their living room. We are surrounding by products, but we should be focused on the curation of those products. What are people buying? Why are they buying that?

Here is a screenshot from a mobile game called FOTONICA. If I said it was a first-person version of Temple Run, it wouldn’t give this game justice. There is an intricacy in the details of the complex environments and physics of this blueprint, line-based world. You feel like you’re running through an architecture’s work-in-progress (this is supposed to sound like a compliment). The game costs $2.99, but as designers, we must support good design even those that extend beyond physicality. Don Draper probably wouldn’t play it, but if Frank Underwood plays Monument Valley, anything is possible, right?